Italy Pavilion: pride and identity inflected with Italian roots in the past and branches that extend into the future through the “powers” of know-how, of beauty, a sense of limits that unleashes new ideas in difficult times and that of the future. So our country is said to Milan Expo 2015, with a clear message tied to the pride and the ability to look forward to.

A Grand Tour between contemporary art, culture, science and sustainable development, vital energy that grows as a nursery and is as strong as the icon represented by the Tree of Life. Emotional concept that was presented in its content by the Commissioner of the Italian Pavilion Diana Bracco and Commissioner unique Expo Giuseppe Sala, in a symbol of Italian creativity: the Milan Triennale. Journey “guided” and told by Marco Balikh, artistic director of the Italian Pavilion-Expo 2015, winner of two Emmy Awards one of the most important figures in the world in the production of Olympic ceremonies (also executive producer of the Olympics in Rio 2016).

“The Italian Pavilion will be a space large and full of stimuli on the issues of the Universal Exposition – explained Balikh -. A job on the Italian and the powers that want to express in a tension mainly directed to the future. We imagined the pavilion as a fun journey through places, stories, provocations with the urge to move all – to exclaim ‘Wow …!’ – And to stimulate reflection on the original role in the world: our goal is to instill a sense of pride for our country. Who will come to visit us, you will also see our icon: a large structure that represents the Tree of Life, a tree that collects our best seeds and brings them up, to offer them to the world. ”

On the first floor there will be an exhibition with interactive dummies: a show on the theme “the power of knowing how to do” in Italy that tells women and men working every day to make our country rich and productive. projections and sound are activated on the figures and sculptures “come to life”, telling stories of ingenuity, creativity and ability to “.

And ‘ dedicated instead to the ” power of beauty” according to the plan : tourism, quality of life , landscapes of Italy. Before you enter , however, in “distress room” , the “room of discomfort ” with which images and sounds show the disasters and bad things that ruin the planet causing an experience of physical and psychological stress . But then , from the ” discomfort ” to go to beauty with the cyclorama , 360 degree views of screens that welcome visitors in the rooms next: first with the most beautiful landscapes of Italy , then with some of the most important buildings in the history of ‘ art , ending with a kaleidoscope of internal Italian palaces . It also comes a surprise provocation followed by a space dedicated to ” World without Italy ,” where you ask yourself ” what if … ? ” : A giant plastic in the middle of the Mediterranean without the peninsula, around video interviews with great characters of politics, culture and ” knowledge” around the world who will talk about what would happen ” if it were not for Italy ” on immigration , sustainability, culinary arts and architecture . Finally, the “game” of the five senses with a path in the dark , after which it regains the ability to visually see ” The Vuccirìa ” , the masterpiece of Guttuso .

The “power limit” or the ability to overcome adversity with storytelling on the ability to react and the “power of the future” are discovered on the third floor. A major exhibition on Italian design, between “cult” of design and art, from ceramics Bialetti moka designed by Fornasetti, then the great Italian nursery, with species and seeds came from all the regions that form the garden of the bio-Italian diversity. For each seed a fairy tale … In the middle of the room, a replica of the Tree of Life, above the large terrace with spectacular views sull’Expo.

” The Italian Pavilion will be the calling card of our country at the Expo. Want to offer to the world a strong vision of Italian quality and restore confidence and pride to the citizens of this great country – said Diana Bracco – The key element will be the Nursery , intended as a place dedicated to the development of new generations. a laboratory of ideas that will help the project to ” sprout ” . a point of reference for young innovative talent , capable of renewing the concept of ” Italian excellence ” by combining tradition with original approaches . we want to speak especially to the younger generations , and the many initiatives we have begun work with the schools are a fundamental building block to build the Expo Generation to be more attentive to the issue of sustainability, more aware of the risks associated with eating behaviors incorrect , and especially more sensitive to grasp the centrality of the theme of nutrition as the key challenge for our century . The theme of the Expo will be declined in our exhibition spaces and in the rich program of events in different areas : science for safety and food quality ; innovation in the food chain , to improve the nutritional characteristics of the products, their storage and distribution; nutrition education , to promote new lifestyles in particular for children and adolescents to prevent new major social ills of our age, obesity, cardiovascular disease . “